How to live to be 100

by Ted on January 6, 2010

As you know I frequently visit the TED website.  I don’t do this because my nick name is also Ted.  I do this because there are so many very interesting and important ideas being presented.  These are presentations and not discussions;  some presenters are fantastic and some are a bit nervous and have a problem but the ideas and concepts are mind blowing.

Here is one that caught my attention recently.  It was presented by Dan Buettner, a writer and explorer with NGS (National Geographic Society).

How to live to be 100+  Project Blue Zone

This item is about 19 minutes

1 – Keep Moving – do not sit on you butt all day

2 – Decrease Stress and have a purpose to life

3 – Eat wisely:  small servings, no meat, do not overeat

4 – Have lots of  long term friends and family

I hope that this is of interest to you and maybe for your family.

Give me a call when you get to 90.

see this at

You can also search for the Blue Zone and see what you get.

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Bev January 10, 2010 at 7:05 pm

No, you call me when you’re 93! Then, we’ll celebrate both being (or almost, me shy by 26 days) both being 90. Okay? Then, that’s a deal.

Bev January 12, 2010 at 2:27 pm

Me again. Did you catch the CBC Almanac discussion (today:01/12) on “Living to be 100”? It was good–many callers, many observations on why their family/friends lived to be 100+. The expert said 30% is genetic. The callers cited things such as keeping active (golf, walking, etc), keeping the mind active (puzzles, current events, friends), attitude (one said his relative seldom talked about the past–just lived for the present, and so on.
Me? I plan to live to 100. But I’ll be mad as hell if I don’t know who I am, who you are, or who my children/grandchildren are by then. So, to be more accurate–I want to live to 100 with all my marbles. You never know when someone might draw a circle in the dust. 🙂

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