Why Blog – why me – who wants to listen

by Ted on November 23, 2009

Blog.  There it is.  The first word in my entry into the Blogisphere.  So what is the purpose of my Blog?  Well for me it is just a small soap box, foot stool on which I can stand and say my piece, my minor rantings that are rattling around in my head.

The audience will be those few that have been invited to attend, to gather around and hear what I have to say.  Others may find there way to my blog my chance.  They were  browsing and crusing about the web in search of items of interest and my chance a link pointed to my blog, my little soap box and they might spend 20 seconds or more reading the nonsense that I have to say.

However they came, the readers might applaud and clap and write some supportive notes.  Or they might  throw pebbles and rotten fruit at my head and write some scandalous messages about how stupid and out of touch I am with reality.

Whatever I write and however it is taken, I think that it all quite positive.   For me, it gives me a chance to share my thoughts with others and to allow me to think about what concerns me and to “get it down on paper”.  It seems that the act of writing is necessary to a fuller and deeper review and analysis of the topic.  At least for me it is.

What am going to Blog about?  The primary topics that are now swirling about in my head include  the environment of course, the state of the world,  the financial mess,  the increased number of people in the middle class and what that means to the environment.

Most of my reading these days are books by great thinkers that seem to see clearly what is happening and what must be done.  These are not radical writers but are those who have some great ideas that would benefit the earth primarily and by extension all the poor souls that are now attempting to live on the earth.

Other things that I would like to Blog about are some of my travels.  My wife and I have not traveled extensively but we have traveled to some very interesting places and I would like to Blog them to recapture the experience and to allow friends and relatives to enjoy vicariously.  It think it will be fun to dig up the maps and pictures and other travel keepings and to re-live the time.  Since we plan to do more traveling on our meager pensions, I plan to Blog in real-time.  This will not be tweeting but reasonable travelog style.

And then there is photography.  I have a good camera,  a good photographic eye, and some of my images apparently are admired by others.  Not too many others mind you.  A few have bought some of my images.  I should like to Blog on some the images.  This may amuse you.

Ranting.  I will also be ranting and commenting on things that I bump into in the newspapers and the news websites and all of the other places where the traditional reporters hang out. And then there are all of the hundreds of thousands of the new citizen reporters, the other bloggers and tweeters and such.  There are some very good things happening and some not so good, and some really stupid things happening.  I will be commenting on these and I hope to not wander too close to the liability woods.

Enough.  It is a start.  It will be interesting to see where this takes me.  This is just like entering the hundred acre wood.  I hope that nothing too scary comes my way.

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Lisa Archibald November 24, 2009 at 5:21 pm

WOO HOO!! Yippee! Clap, clap, clap! Whistle! Honk! Hoot!
Well done, dad! I really enjoyed reading your blog about what to blog about. You’re the first one to get up and running and now that you’ve braved the woods, I feel like I can venture in there as well.
What am I waiting for, eh?
I think I just subscribed to your blog, so I think that means they’ll come straight to my inbox? I hope so!
Congratulations on breaking into the blogosphere, dad! I’m right behind ya!
Love Lees

Bev January 7, 2010 at 5:02 pm

well, you’re out there now! How brave is that? One talks and talks while all alone for all the world to listen and comment while not knowing if anyone is listening and if they are, who they are, and what they have to say back to you. Who do you think of when you speak (write)? Who do you think will talk (write) back? Do you want them to engage in debate? Do you mind if they just nod and move on? Do you mind being judged? Or, say, I am who I am? You’re braver than I–I still censor everything I say/write after it is in print. But, hear this: your blog is in my bookmarks. I’ll be reading (listening)!
bye, ‘the shrimp’

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